Welcome to the World of Canopee

Need extra living space for your beautiful home? That’s why we’ve come up with “Canopee” which designs a minimalist-look pergola that works automatically. We can design, produce and make a project to find a breathtaking outdoor solution for your house.

We have an elegant retractable pergola with all compatible enclosure systems, And How we can make it all the time. The secret is to begin by choosing the most cutting-edge products. And we want them to be suitable for your house. So we always look over to find an exact way of giving you a privileged space without seeming to be an addition to your house. Its design perfectly integrates into the particular specifications of your home. In this way, you can spend much more time relaxing outdoors than you ever had a chance to do before. We try to make a free sky that the cutting-edge slats of the Canopee quietly retract, stopping wherever you desire.
Fundamentally, we are really taking care of our world while using our understanding of the powerful properties of aluminum to create a unique and environmentally durable device to enhance your enjoyment.