Aluminum Glass Railing

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Aluminum Glass Railing​: An Aesthetic and Safe Solution

Aluminum Glass Railing​ offers a stylish design and a high-level solution in terms of security. These handrails, the glass panels of which are placed in specially designed frames, can be produced in accordance with any architectural design.

What is Aluminum Glass Railing​?

Aluminum Glass Railing​ is a type of handrail in which glass panels are placed in specially designed frames. It is generally used on balconies, terraces and stairs and offers a safe solution with a stylish look.

Advantages of Aluminum Glass Railing​

Aesthetic appearance: Thanks to the transparent glass panels, it receives natural light and makes the space appear larger.

Safety: Durable glass panels are resistant to external factors and form a solid structure thanks to their high-quality frames.

Low maintenance: Regular cleaning of glass surfaces is sufficient.

Easy installation: Specially designed frames are easy to install.

Aluminum Glass Railing​ Design and Construction

Aluminum Glass Railing​ is produced by combining specially designed frames and durable glass panels. Glass panels are sized and placed in special frames. The frames are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and pair perfectly with the glass panels.

Usage Areas of Aluminum Glass Railing​

Aluminum Glass Railing​ is a security solution used in balconies, terraces and stairs. It is also used to provide a transparent appearance in architectural designs.

Aluminum Glass Railing​ and Architectural Design

Aluminum Glass Railing​ is very popular in modern architecture. Thanks to its transparent glass panels and special frames, it helps the space to expand and receive natural light. It also provides a stylish and modern look in architectural designs.

Aluminum Glass Railing​ Maintenance and Repair

Although Aluminum Glass Railing​ is an aesthetic and durable solution, it may need maintenance and repair over time depending on usage. You can maintain and repair your Aluminum Glass Railing​ by following the steps below:

Routine Cleaning: Regular cleaning of your glass handrail ensures its longevity. You can remove dust and dirt on it by gently wiping it with a microfiber cloth and water.

Deep Cleaning: If you want to do a deeper clean, you can rub the glass using some dish soap and warm water. Then rinse with clean water and use a microfiber cloth to dry.

Scratch Repair: If there are scratches on the glass of your handrail, they can be repaired. First, clean the scratched area and leave it dry. Next, coat the scratched area using a glass polish suitable for the scratch size. After the polish dries, remove excess polish residues.

Crack Repair: If your glass handrail has broken glass, a repair or replacement may be required. Find a suitable piece of glass by measuring the size of your handrail and the thickness of the glass. Next, place the glass on the handrail and attach the frame to hold the glass.