Arms Awning 180

The Straight drop awning is attached to the building from an exterior area of a window, Which provides high resistance to the sun.
The CANOPEE 180 model combines restaurants and winter enclosures. You can get assured that The arms drop by a pivot arm so they can aim directly at the sunlight, and It takes up efficient space in view.
Our Pivot arm awning works automatically by Somfy Motor Technology.

Pivot Awning: Aesthetic and Functional Solution with Innovative Design

Pivot awning is a type of awning that can be opened and closed thanks to a vertically moving hinge system. Pivot awning is used to provide shading, sun protection, protection against weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind.

History of Pivot Awning

The history of the pivot awning goes back to the times when the need for sun protection began. The first awning models began to be made with tent forms and later with hard materials. Pivot awning design emerged thanks to the developments created by modern technological innovations.

Pivot Awning Design and Construction

Pivot awnings have the structure between the frame system and the surface of the fabric of the awning. This system enables the fabric of the awning on the frame system to be moved in the desired direction. The pivot awning has a mechanical assembly and is usually mounted on a steel or aluminum frame. The frame can rotate around an axis on the back of the awning and thus can be adjusted according to the sun’s rays by changing the angle of the awning.

Pivot Awning Usage Areas

Pivot awnings are highly preferred, especially in commercial areas. Terraces and gardens, which have large areas in businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices, are covered with pivot awnings to provide guests with an additional seating area. Pivot awnings can also be used in homes and can be an ideal choice for protection from the harmful rays of the sun in open areas such as gardens or terraces.

Pivot Awning and Modern Architecture

Pivot awnings have a design in harmony with the modern architectural style. Its minimalist lines provide a visually pleasing aesthetic. The use of pivot awnings is quite common, especially in modern buildings and designer homes in cities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pivot Awning

Advantages of pivot awnings include protection against sun rays, functional design and aesthetic appearance. Disadvantages include that they are more expensive than other awning models and may be a bit more complicated to install.

Pivot Awning Maintenance and Repair

Pivot awnings do not require any special maintenance. Cleaning the fabric can be done with a simple cloth and soapy water. However, regular inspection and lubrication of mechanical components ensures a long service life of the awning. In cases where repair is required, it is recommended to seek help from a professional mechanic.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Pivot Awning?

When choosing pivot awnings, factors such as purpose of use, dimensions, quality of material used and price should be considered. With the help of a professional awning company, a pivot awning can be selected according to the needs.

Pivot Awning Prices and Buying Tips:

Pivot awning prices may vary depending on awning size, fabric type, mechanism quality, brand and seller. Usually custom made pivot awnings can be more expensive than other types of awnings. However, it is important to be careful in the purchase, in order to buy a quality and affordable awning. Before purchasing, research should be done about the features and quality of the awning and the price offers of the sellers should be compared. It is also important to learn technical details and payment options by contacting vendors.

Pivot Awning Trends and Future:

Pivot awnings are a type of awning that has gained popularity in recent years and offer an aesthetic appearance in harmony with modern architecture. Therefore, pivot awnings are expected to remain popular in the future. Due to its innovative design and functional features, the usage area of pivot awnings is also expanding. Pivot awnings, which are especially preferred in businesses such as open-air restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts, may become more common in the future. However, with technological developments, automatic opening and closing pivot awnings are also expected to be developed.