Automatic Vertical Glass

Revolutionizing Views and Comfort in Modern Architecture

Canopee introduces the Automatic Vertical Glass system, a groundbreaking innovation in architectural design, blending functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This system redefines the concept of indoor and outdoor living, offering limitless views and augmented feelings of freedom.

Transformative Design for Enhanced Experiences:

Our Automatic Vertical Glass system is designed to maximize your viewing experience without compromising the comfort of your space. Whether it’s for your balcony, patio, or any architectural structure, this system offers the flexibility to enjoy an open space or a gapless enclosure, maintaining your connection with the outdoors while controlling your environment.

Seamless Integration and Operation:

The Automatic Vertical Glass system operates with either a motorized or manual mechanism. Inspired by hydraulic technology, the manual vertical glass is easily accessible for cleaning with an innovative opening feature in the bottom frame. For those seeking convenience, our motorized option offers effortless control, seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle.

Key Advantages in Modern Settings:

• Provides unobstructed views, enhancing the aesthetic value of your property.

• Offers versatile usage options, suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

• Delivers a unique blend of indoor comfort and outdoor accessibility.

• Ensures durability and ease of maintenance, standing as a long-term investment.

Ideal for Various Architectural Applications:

Our system is not just for private residences; it’s also perfectly suited for commercial properties like hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Automatic Vertical Glass adds a touch of sophistication and modernity, making it a popular choice in contemporary architecture.

Expert Installation and Care:

Installation of our Automatic Vertical Glass system is carried out by professional teams, ensuring precision and efficiency. Maintenance is straightforward, requiring only regular cleaning to maintain its pristine condition and functionality.

Choose Canopee’s Automatic Vertical Glass for an innovative, stylish, and practical solution, bringing a new dimension to your architectural spaces. Experience the future of architectural design today.