Automatic Vertical Glass

Just imagine being able to have limitless views over your balcony or patio. The Vertical Glass System provides you with augmented feelings of freedom. This is because the Vertical Glass System gives you significant usage options, so that you can use your space as a gapless enclosure without sacrificing your view. Equally, you can use your pergola area wide open.
The deployment of our Vertical Glass System can be motorised or manual. The manual vertical glass is inspired by hydraulic technology. The system is easily accessible for cleaning by an opening feature in the bottom frame. If you want to have the option of our Zip Screen, this is easily accommodated. The robust, user-friendly design will ensure that you can make the most of your outdoor living space. It is not unusual for our clients to describe having the sensation of having opened up a panorama onto their previously under-utilised outdoor space.

Automatic Vertical Glass: Indispensable Element of Modern Architecture

Automatic Vertical Glass is a type of glass often used in modern architecture. Thanks to its easy-to-open structure and stylish design, it has many uses. Automatic Vertical Glass is both an aesthetic and practical option.

What is Automatic Vertical Glass?

Automatic Vertical Glass is a type of glass that consists of two glass panels that can move between its lower and upper frames. The glass panels are placed opposite each other and can move up and down. Thanks to these movable glass panels, it is possible to control the air flow and provide ventilation when necessary.

History and Development of Automatic Vertical Glass

The history of Automatic Vertical Glass dates back to the 17th century. The first Automatic Vertical Glasses were produced in England and were used only in the homes of the wealthy. Automatic Vertical Glasses have developed over time and have become a more practical and aesthetic option. Today, Automatic Vertical Glasses are frequently used in modern architecture.

Automatic Vertical Glass Types and Features

Automatic Vertical Glasses can be made of different materials. These include wood, aluminum and PVC. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. While wooden Automatic Vertical Glasses offer a warm appearance, aluminum Automatic Vertical Glasses are more durable. PVC Automatic Vertical Glasses are an affordable and durable option.

Guillotine windows can be opened in two different ways. These are called single opening and double opening. Single opening means opening only the upper glass panel, while double opening means opening both the upper and lower glass panel. Automatic Vertical Glasses can be produced in different sizes and different glass thicknesses.

Automatic Vertical Glass Design and Construction

Automatic Vertical Glass design and construction is a very delicate process. There is usually an air gap between the two panes of glass and this gap increases the insulation of the glass. These glasses can be moved and brought to the desired opening thanks to specially designed mechanisms. Automatic Vertical Glasses can also be made in double glazed, triple glazed and more glazed forms.

Usage Areas of Automatic Vertical Glass

The usage areas of Automatic Vertical Glass are quite wide. Automatic Vertical Glass, which is frequently used in modern architecture, can be used not only on the exterior of buildings, but also indoors. In addition, Automatic Vertical Glass, which can be designed in different ways, can be used for many purposes. Here are some of the usage areas of Automatic Vertical Glass: 

  1. On the exterior of buildings: Automatic Vertical Glass is a type of glass that is often used on the exterior of buildings. Automatic Vertical Glass, which can be placed horizontally or vertically, makes buildings look modern and aesthetic.
  2. In windows: Automatic Vertical Glass is a type of glass used in the windows of homes and workplaces. High-quality Automatic Vertical Glasses can maintain the temperature balance of homes or workplaces by providing energy savings and insulation.
  3. In balcony and terrace doors: Automatic Vertical Glass is a type of glass used in the construction of balcony or terrace doors. These glasses are an ideal choice for protection from outside weather conditions.
  4. In shower cabins: Automatic Vertical Glass is also frequently used in the construction of shower cabins. It is preferred because it is easy to clean, durable and has a modern appearance.
  5. In office partitions: Automatic Vertical Glass is often preferred in the construction of partition walls used in offices. These glasses increase the flow of light inside the office and provide a modern look.

Automatic Vertical Glass and Modern Architecture

Automatic Vertical Glass has a very important place in modern architecture. High-quality Automatic Vertical Glasses provide buildings with a modern and aesthetic appearance. Automatic Vertical Glass has many advantages. For example, it is easy to clean, saves energy and provides a high degree of insulation. In addition, the fact that Automatic Vertical Glasses can be designed in various ways gives architects more design freedom.

Automatic Vertical Glass is also a versatile option for architects and designers. Automatic Vertical Glass is available in many different sizes, shapes and designs. This gives architects more flexibility in their projects and more freedom in design.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Vertical Glass

Automatic Vertical Glasses have many advantages. The most important of these is energy saving. The windows allow daylight in, thus providing natural lighting. This saves energy costs. In addition, Automatic Vertical Glasses reduce noise, provide safety and play an important role in aesthetics. However, Automatic Vertical Glasses also have disadvantages. Sealing problems can occur if the windows are not installed and maintained correctly. Also, the windows can break or crack.

Automatic Vertical Glass Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair of Automatic Vertical Glasses is very important. If the windows are not cleaned and maintained properly, leaks can occur and the windows may break. The windows can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. When repair is required, the glass may need to be replaced entirely.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Automatic Vertical Glass?

There are several factors to consider when choosing Automatic Vertical Glass. Energy efficiency, safety, ease of maintenance and aesthetics of glass are important. It is also important to choose the right size and thickness of the glass.

Automatic Vertical Glass Prices and Buying Tips

The price of Automatic Vertical Glasses varies according to its size, thickness and material quality. Prices are usually calculated per m². Before buying, it is important to check the quality of the glass, its features and warranties. In addition, installation and assembly costs must be considered.