Behind the Scenes: The Architectural Wonder Created with CANOPÉE Pergolas

Blending Tradition with Modern Comfort

This project represents a unique challenge and achievement for CANOPEÉ, merging our cutting-edge outdoor living solutions with the rich history of a traditional home in Israel. Our client’s desire to transform his balcony into a versatile living space is a testament to the adaptability and customizability of CANOPEÉ’s products.

Background & Challenge

The primary challenge in this project was the house’s historical nature. Built during the Ottoman era, the house presented uneven wall stones and an unlevelled ground, posing significant measurement and installation challenges. Our team’s dedication to precision led to extensive surveying and groundwork, ensuring that the modern installations would seamlessly integrate with the traditional architecture.


After thorough groundwork and meticulous planning, we decided to employ a combination of CANOPEÉ’s Classic Pergola and Automatic Vertical Glass, complemented by a Sliding Door and a Fixed Pergola. This mix of products was selected to maximize the balcony’s utility while respecting the home’s historical integrity. 

The Classic Pergola offers adjustable shelter, while the Automatic Vertical Glass ensures unobstructed views and protection from harsh weather. The Sliding Door provides easy access, and the Fixed Pergola adds a permanent shade structure.


Our team created a detailed 3D drawing for Mr. Boaz, enabling him to visualize the project before commencement. This collaborative approach ensured that his family’s needs and the house’s structural peculiarities were all taken into account. After finalizing the design and product specifications, production commenced at our facility in Turkey.

In three weeks, the custom-designed components were ready. The shipment from Turkey to Israel was smooth, and our installation team began the meticulous process of integrating our modern systems into the historic fabric of Mr. Boaz’s home.


The completed project is a harmonious blend of old and new. The balcony has been transformed into a comfortable and functional year-round living space.

Classic Pergola and Automatic Vertical Glass provide a flexible environment – open and airy on pleasant days and snug and sheltered when the weather turns harsh.

The successful completion of the BOAZ project stands as a testament to CANOPEÉ’s commitment to quality, customization, and client satisfaction. 


The BOAZ project underlines CANOPEÉ’s expertise in delivering tailor-made outdoor living solutions that respect historical architecture while offering the comfort and convenience of modern technology. This project not only enhanced the living space for Mr. Boaz’s family but also demonstrated our ability to overcome structural challenges with innovative solutions.