Canopée Classic Pergola

Discover the Elegance and Practicality of Canopée Pergolas

Our meticulously crafted pergolas offer a perfect blend of modern design and functionality, providing a sophisticated addition to your garden. With a range of color options and sleek minimalist designs, our pergolas are custom-tailored for an impeccable garden ambiance. They are equipped with advanced features like waterproof seals, flame retardant PVC, adjustable dimmer LED lighting, and protection from UV rays, ensuring comfort and safety in your outdoor haven.

פרגולות ופתרונות קירוי מתקדמים

Experience the Ultimate in Outdoor Liveability

Our Canopée Classic Pergolas are thoughtfully designed to enhance your outdoor living experience throughout the year. They integrate seamlessly with your home’s architecture, elevating your garden’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.


Tailored to Your Preferences:

Every aspect of our Canopée Classic Pergolas is customized to meet your unique outdoor space requirements. From motorized roofs controlled by a push of a button or smartphone to the use of renowned Somfy motor systems, we ensure that our pergolas are a bespoke answer to your outdoor living needs.

Pergola Features - Designed for Excellence:

Waterproof and Flame Retardant: Our pergolas come with a waterproof seal and are made of flame retardant PVC, providing safety and durability.

Adjustable Dimmer LED Lighting: Enhance your evening experiences with our energy-efficient and adjustable LED lighting.

Aluminum Materials: Constructed with high-quality aluminum for longevity and a sleek appearance.

UV Ray Protection: Enjoy the outdoors without the worry of harmful UV rays.

Year-Round Outdoor Liveability: Designed to provide comfort in all seasons, making your garden a year-round retreat.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Comfort:

Our Canopée Classic Pergolas not only add beauty to your garden but also extend your home’s living space. Enjoy dining, working, or relaxing outdoors in a comfortable and stylish environment. Our pergolas are an outstanding choice for those who seek elegance and practicality in their outdoor living areas.


The Canopée Classic Pergola is more than just an outdoor structure; it is a lifestyle enhancement. With its superior design, functionality, and compatibility with enclosure systems, it stands as a testament to Canopée’s commitment to excellence in outdoor living solutions.