Cassette Awning

We have drawn an awning that reflects a sleek appearance to your home. Indeed, the fascinating shading system surely meets your expectation. This is a fully enclosed awning when it retracts because of its cassette design. So, any elements are not able to damage the fabric. High-tech fibres are used for covering that protects you from pouring down rain. Unlike others, it can be accommodated our cutting-edge dimmer lighting that is manageable by the remote control as well as the awning. We can extend the cassette awning up to 3,5 meters with our distinctive folding arm. That’s why you will have a proper awning, which is perfectly integrated into your home that enhances the liveability of spaces, bringing to life.


Cassette Awning: Today’s Most Popular Canopy Option

Cassette awning is a shading option that makes outdoor time more comfortable. It is especially ideal for shading open areas such as gardens, balconies and terraces. In this article, detailed information about cassette awning will be given.

What is Cassette Awning?

Cassette awning is a type of shading designed using a special awning fabric that can be collected in a cassette to protect itself. The cassette awning is opened and closed with the help of a lever or rod. Cassette awning models may differ according to the opening and closing mechanism.

How Does Cassette Awning Work?

The cassette awning usually has a manual or motorized opening and closing mechanism. In the manual mechanism, the awning is opened and closed by turning the handle. In the motorized mechanism, it is opened and closed with a button or remote control.

Cassette Awning Models and Materials

Cassette awnings are available in different sizes and designs. The models differ according to the opening and closing mechanism, the material used and the shape. Its materials include polyester, PVC coated polyester and acrylic fabrics.

Cassette Awning Advantages and Disadvantages

Cassette awnings have many advantages. These include protection from sun and rain, providing shade, longevity, ease of use, aesthetic appearance and increased home value. However, disadvantages may include higher price compared to other awnings and requiring more space for installation.

Cassette Awning Care and Cleaning

Cassette awnings have a structure that needs to be cleaned regularly. For cleaning, it is sufficient to brush the awning fabric and wash it with soapy water. In addition, regular maintenance is recommended for the longevity of the awning fabric.

Things to Consider When Choosing Cassette Awning

There are several factors to consider when choosing a cassette awning. These include factors such as the size, color, material, opening and closing mechanism of the awning, and suitability.

Cassette Awning Assembly and Installation

The assembly and installation of cassette awnings should be done by a professional team. During installation, it must be ensured that the awning is fixed correctly and that the opening and closing mechanism works correctly.

Cassette Awning Prices and Buying Tips

The prices of cassette awnings may vary according to their size, materials and brands. Before you buy, determine the size you need and compare prices between brands. Also, be sure to learn all the details, including installation, before purchasing.

Cassette Awning Usage Areas

Cassette awnings are designed to be used in open areas such as gardens, balconies and terraces. It can also be used by businesses, it is a preferred shading option especially in restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cassette Awning

How durable is the cassette awning?

Cassette awnings are generally long-lasting and can last for years if properly maintained.

Can the cassette awning stay outside in winter?

Cassette awnings should not be exposed in winter, the awning fabric may be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the awning during the winter and store it in a sheltered area.

What weather conditions is the cassette awning resistant to?

Cassette awnings are generally resistant to rain and light wind. However, it should not be used in extreme weather conditions such as high winds and storms.

What are the prices of cassette awnings?

The prices of cassette awnings may vary according to their size, materials and brands. They are generally more expensive than other shading options.

As a result, cassette awnings can be an aesthetic and functional option for shading open spaces. In this article, detailed information about cassette awnings was given and information was given about the factors that should be considered before purchasing.