Automatic Vertical Glass

Sliding Glass System

Folding Glass System

Experience unobstructed views and versatile comfort with the Canopee Automatic Vertical Glass. Its motorized or manual glass panels offer a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, perfect for any balcony or patio.

Transform your space with the Canopee Sliding Glass System. Its individual pane movement allows for flexible opening, providing a harmonious balance of protection and open-air freedom.

Reimagine your outdoor area with the Canopee Folding Glass System. This retractable, frameless design offers easy conversion from an open patio to a cozy, enclosed space, suitable for any weather and occasion.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Climate Adaptability

Our enclosures are designed with materials that adapt to various climate conditions.

Guarantee year-round enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, regardless of weather changes.

Customizable Ambiance Control

Our enclosures offer adjustable settings to balance light and temperature.

Craft the perfect setting for every moment, from bright morning lounging to cozy evening relaxation.

Superior Material Integrity

Built with premium materials, our enclosures promise durability and visual appeal.

Ensure your enclosed space remains an inviting and stylish extension of your home.

Enhanced UV and Weather Protection

Our enclosures provide significant defense against UV rays and harsh weather elements.

Protect your family and outdoor furniture, ensuring a safe and comfortable outdoor area.

Tailored Design Integration

Each enclosure is customizable to align with your home’s unique style and requirements.

Merge practicality with aesthetics, as our enclosures complement your home’s architectural elegance.

Diverse Design Selection

Our collection offers a variety of styles to match any architectural theme, from contemporary to classic.

Select an enclosure that resonates with your personal taste and enhances the ambiance of your home.

Expanded Living Spaces

Our enclosures extend your living area, creating new spaces for enjoyment throughout the year.

Discover new ways to relax, entertain, and enjoy your home’s outdoor environment.

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

We are committed to using environmentally responsible materials and processes in our enclosures.

Choose our enclosures for a greener addition to your home, supporting eco-friendly practices.

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