Folding Glass System

The creation of a new outdoor concept enhances your outside living standards. Just dream, and then turn your outdoor space into a living space all year round. You can hold get-togethers with friends on rainy days as well as hot days, or simply let your children play and have fun

The folding system is retractable with the removal of the glass panel, which is remarkably easy with just a gentle push, thanks to its robust, seamless roller design. The glass moves in flawless silence via the use of an innovative rubber seal around the track. There are two options; aluminum frame or frameless.
We have developed our folding glass with a frame. It is even suitable with low-E glass with an aluminum frame as well.
Frameless Folding system has a strong resistance in 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm, or 10mm tempered glass, which allows it to be seamlessly joined tightly to the aluminum track as frameless tempered glass panes.
-Bi Folding
Canopee bi-folding floods light into existing living spaces and give you new access to the outdoors. Creative design means our aluminum bifold doors aren’t just splendid up and running and aesthetically – hinges and locking systems are also well planned to ensure our Bi-Folding is secure on the market.
The Aesthetic of our design means we can build solutions with a single traffic door – to let easy access in and out without having to open and fold back the whole system.

Folding Glass: An Aesthetic and Functional Solution in Modern Buildings

Folding glass is a system created by combining glass panels that can be opened and closed. These glass panels are mounted on the frames and make a space open or closed at will. Folding glass systems offer a suitable solution for the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern buildings. Let’s deal with the history and development of these systems, types and features, design and construction, areas of use, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance and repair, things to consider when choosing and prices.

What is Folding Glass?

Folding glass is the connection of one or more glass panels to form a system that can be opened and closed. These panels are usually mounted on frames and can be closed from the wall of a space to the wall or ceiling. These systems create a feeling of open air when opened, and block heat, noise, wind and other external factors when closed.

History and Development of Folding Glass

The history of folding glass dates back to the end of the 19th century. At that time, movable glass panels were used for greenhouses in gardens. In the early 20th century, movable glass panels began to be used in some homes and commercial buildings. However, these systems were bulky and expensive and were not often used as a replacement for windows.

Then, in the late 1960s, the modern version of folding glass systems was developed in Japan. These systems were lighter and more convenient, and were in keeping with modern architectural trends with an open-air feel. In the 1980s, these systems became popular in Europe and America and are still widely used today.

Folding Glass Types and Features

One-way folding glass: Contains a single glass panel that opens in one direction.

Two-way folding glass: Contains two glass panels that open in both directions.

Multi-folding glass: Contains three or more glass panels and is used for larger openings.

Pleated glass: Glass panels are overlapped and opened by sliding relative to each other.

Curved glass: It is the inclined design of glass panels in folding glass systems.

Folding Glass Design and Making

Folding glass systems are created by connecting glass panels together and mounting them to the frame. Glass panels are usually produced using tempered glass or laminated glass. Frames are usually made of aluminum or steel and designed to support the weight of glass panels. Some systems use special rails for mounting glass panels.

Usage Areas of Folding Glass

Folding glass systems have many different uses. Some of these are those:

For outdoor seating in restaurants, cafes and bars

Balcony or terrace covering systems

swimming pool closure systems

As a partition wall between indoor and outdoor spaces in offices or businesses

For outdoor living areas, balconies and terraces in homes

Folding Glass and Modern Architecture

Folding glass systems have become an important element of modern architecture. These systems are part of modern architectural structures, usually made of glass and metal materials. These structures feature open-plan designs that give an open-air feel and remove the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Glass


It gives an open-air feel and combines the indoors with the outdoors.

It prevents heat, noise, wind and other external factors.

It offers an aesthetic appearance and is a part of modern architecture.

The usage areas are very diverse.

It is long lasting.


It is expensive.

In some models, glass panels are difficult to clean and maintain.

It requires special equipment and expertise for its installation.

Folding Glass Maintenance and Repair

Folding glass systems are generally durable and long-lasting, but may require repairs if not properly maintained or damaged. Here’s what you need to know about the maintenance and repair of folding glass:


Clean regularly: Cleaning glass panels regularly ensures their longevity. Use only a soft cloth and soapy water to clean glass panels.

Clean the rails: Regular cleaning of the rails is important for a smooth glide. You can use a mild degreaser to clean the rails.

Check the sealing gaskets: The sealing gaskets in folding glass systems ensure that they are protected from outside weather conditions. Check regularly that the gaskets are not damaged or stuck.


Damage detection: Perform regular checks to identify damaged glass panels. If you see cracks or breaks in the glass panels, you should repair them immediately.

Repair or replacement: It may not be possible to repair damaged glass panels. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the glass panels. Replacing a damaged glass panel in folding glass systems requires specialized equipment and expertise.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Folding Glass?

Size: The size of the folding glass system should be determined according to its intended use. Determine the correct size by measuring which area to cover.

Material: Folding glass systems are usually made using aluminum or steel frames and glass panels. By choosing the right material, you can increase durability.

Quality: Folding glass systems may vary in quality. Systems produced using quality materials will be more durable.

Price: Different folding glass systems may have different prices. Price may vary depending on material, size and quality.

Folding Glass Prices

Folding glass systems are produced in different sizes and qualities, so their prices also differ. However, other factors that are effective in determining prices are:

Material: Aluminum framed folding glass systems are cheaper than steel framed systems. However, steel framed systems are more robust and durable.

Size: The size of the folding glass systems is another factor that affects the price. Larger systems require more material, which increases the cost.

Glass Quality: The glass quality used in folding glass systems is also a factor that determines the price. Better quality glass will cost more.

Installation: Installation of folding glass systems is another factor in price. Seeking professional help for the assembly process can increase the cost.

Buying Tips

Choose Quality Materials: Folding glass systems must be durable. When choosing materials, you should choose high quality and long-lasting ones.

Determine the Right Size: Determining the right size of the folding glass system is important for both functionality and cost. Determine the correct size by measuring which area you want to cover.

Get Professional Assistance for Installation: Folding glass systems require special equipment and expertise. Seeking professional help for the assembly process is important for both functionality and safety.

Check Warranty and Service Options: Before purchasing, it is important to check the product’s warranty and service options. This will help extend the life of your product and protect against potential problems.

Compare Prices: Folding glass systems from different manufacturers and vendors may have different prices. By comparing prices, you can choose the one that fits your budget.