Glass Roof

We have designed a patio cover that everyone is bound to love. By analysing how to harness your patio to its full potential we have developed Canopee’s canopies, which convey beaming sunlight to your precise specifications. The elegant slim nature of the canopy’s components add to the view and the canopy itself can be used to install the enclosure panels all year round. We offer to tailor your canopy to the specific needs of your own patio. Through all of these features, you augment the power of your patio in terms of space, utility and aesthetics.
As regards our lean-to covers, we suggest 2 options to our clients, namely Polycarbonate Cover and Glass Roof. The roof is handy for applying the latest energy-saving dimmer LED lights on the unobtrusive rafters, so you have a chance to spend more time in your garden even in the evenings. Low-E glass can also be supplied as an option.
The Polycarbonate Cover is rigorously solid and protects from UV rays through its translucent composition. The design of the glass roof, of course, adds significantly to the appearance and overall lifestyle of your garden, and it too can be made of Low-E glass as an option. If you want to shade yourself from sunlight, it can be paired with our Roof Zip.
We address all your needs. You merely have to browse from outstanding creations and make your own decisions about any exhilarating embellishments to your own desires. We offer both open and enclosed patio cover designs to fit your needs and lifestyle.