Glass Roof

Discover the Perfect Patio Cover with Canopee

Elevate your outdoor space with Canopee’s innovative patio covers. Our designs, featuring both Polycarbonate and Glass Roof options, are tailored to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your patio. These covers integrate seamlessly into your garden, equipped with energy-efficient dimmer LED lights and the option for Low-E glass, providing both beauty and practicality. Whether you desire an open or enclosed space, our customizable canopies cater to every need, ensuring your patio becomes a haven of relaxation and style.

Harness Your Full Potential

Our Canopee canopies are designed to bring beaming sunlight to your patio according to your exact specifications. The sleek and elegant design of our canopies not only enhances your view but also allows for year-round installation of enclosure panels.

Tailored to Your Needs:

We understand that every patio is unique. That’s why we offer customizations to ensure your canopy meets the specific needs of your patio, augmenting its space, utility, and aesthetics.

Lean-to Covers - Dual Options:

Choose between our two lean-to cover options:

Polycarbonate Cover: Durable and UV-protective, offering a translucent barrier against the elements.

Glass Roof: Elevates the look and feel of your garden. Available in Low-E glass for enhanced energy efficiency. For added sunlight control, pair it with our Roof Zip.

Enhanced Garden Experience:

Our covers come equipped with energy-saving dimmer LED lights fitted on discreet rafters, perfect for evening relaxation in your garden. The option for Low-E glass in both cover types further enhances energy conservation.

Versatility in Design:

Whether you prefer an open or an enclosed patio cover, our designs are adaptable to fit your lifestyle and needs. Browse our collection of outstanding designs and choose enhancements that resonate with your personal style.

At Canopee, we’re committed to transforming your patio into a stunning and functional outdoor space.