Louvered Pergola

Think of all the living that takes place involving outdoor activities. By choosing Canopee, you broaden your options throughout the seasons, ranging from inviting the warm sunlight onto your patio to getting protection from harsher weather conditions. Canopee also enhances the “Liveability” of spaces, bringing to life otherwise underused parts of your property. Our robust, long-life retractable aluminum pergolas enable you to bring a convivial area to life, allowing more fresh air and enjoyment of the open atmosphere with friends. 

Thanks to the use of Somfy automation,Canopee mechanical system operates automatically when retracting, and to your precise requirements. The assembly of the louvered Pergola has been carefully thought through so as to be user-friendly and easy. This makes it deal for DIY enthusiasts. The moveable slats consist of a robust and water-resistant twin wall. The drainage system is well-integrated into the guttering, and throughout the device there is a seamless look with no fasteners, so it has a pristine overall look. Our patio cover is perfectly suited for adding enclosures around it, with optional balcony panes and cutting-edge zip screens. 

By keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in this design field, we have created an entirely new style of aluminum pergola with the following properties: 

Water resistant 

Adjustable roof 


Panoramic view 


Seamless frame


 Louvered Pergola: The Future of Sustainable Tent Solutions

 Louvered Pergola is one of the most popular environmentally friendly solutions in recent years. This system offers its users a comfortable environment with natural air management and energy efficiency.

 Louvered Pergola is designed for the management of natural air and energy efficiency. This system provides control of closing or opening the space, so indoor comfort is also possible outdoors.

How  Louvered Pergola Works

 Louvered Pergola uses factors such as solar energy, wind and water vapor to manage natural air. This system improves energy efficiency by controlling airflow and temperature.

Benefits of Using  Louvered Pergola

 Louvered Pergola offers an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution. At the same time, it offers a comfortable environment to its users and increases the aesthetics of the spaces.

 Louvered Pergola Applications

 Louvered Pergola can be applied to places such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, open air areas, poolside. This system offers the comfort of indoor spaces also outdoors.

The Future of Sustainable Tent Solutions

The future of sustainable tent solutions is bright. Environmentally friendly systems such as  Louvered Pergola will cause people to pay more attention to nature and the environment.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for a Better Future

 Louvered Pergola allows people to pay more attention to nature and the environment. It offers energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics to its users. Therefore, it is one of the best choices among sustainable tent solutions. For those who want to create a better environment for the future, the  Louvered Pergola is exactly the solution they are looking for.

In addition, since the  Louvered Pergola is an environmentally friendly solution, it also helps to reduce environmental pollution. Factors such as less energy consumption during production and use, reduction and recycling of waste increase its positive impact on the environment.

While  Louvered Pergola offers the comfort and convenience that people need, it also exhibits an environmentally sensitive approach. For this reason, it is a system that should be preferred among sustainable tent solutions.


When should  Louvered Pergola be used?

 Louvered Pergola can be used when the weather conditions are hot, humid or windy.

How does a  Louvered Pergola work?

 Louvered Pergola works thanks to its design and features to improve weather conditions.

Why is  Louvered Pergola better than other tent solutions?

 Louvered Pergola is better than other tent solutions thanks to its ability to control the temperature, humidity and air flow of the indoor environment and its additional features (energy saving, ventilation).

How to install  Louvered Pergola?

 Louvered Pergola installation may include steps such as connection to the ground and roof, installation of electrical and ventilation systems, and it is recommended to be done by a professional team.

How long can the  Louvered Pergola be used?

 Louvered Pergola can be used for years depending on the weather conditions.

What kind of materials are used when using a  Louvered Pergola?

When using a  Louvered Pergola, waterproof, durable and UV-protective materials can be used.

Is it possible to save energy when using a  Louvered Pergola?

Yes, energy savings can be achieved when using a  Louvered Pergola.

In what kind of environments can the  Louvered Pergola be used?

 Louvered Pergola can be used in outdoor events, picnics, festivals or non-structural environments.

How to maintain a  Louvered Pergola?

 Louvered Pergola maintenance may include steps such as frequently removing dust and dirt, checking waterproof materials, checking ventilation systems and repairing them as needed.

In what price ranges is the  Louvered Pergola sold?

 Louvered Pergola prices may vary according to sizes, features and brands. Simple and small  Louvered Pergola systems may have a lower price tag, while larger and more complex systems may have a higher price tag.