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Umbrella: Portable Roof for Every Need, Rain or Sun

Umbrella is a portable roof that provides protection against rain, sun or other weather conditions. It consists of a cover made of cloth, nylon or similar material mounted on a rod or handle.

Umbrella History and Development

Umbrella is a tool that has been used since ancient times. In ancient civilizations such as China, Greece and Rome, umbrellas were used to protect from the sun. However, the first umbrella for rain protection was produced in Europe in the 16th century.

In the 19th century, the frame of umbrellas became metal and various designs were developed. Today, although the design and structural features of umbrellas have changed, the basic function has remained the same.

Umbrella Types and Features

Traditional Umbrellas: These types of umbrellas usually consist of fabric covers mounted on wooden or metal frames. They are widely used because of their simple design and affordable price.

Foldable Umbrellas: This type of umbrellas have foldable features to provide a more practical use. They are ideal for travel as they are lightweight and portable.

Transparent Umbrellas: These types of umbrellas consist of transparent nylon or PVC covers. Thanks to their transparent structure, they help users to see the environment and notice the obstacles around them.

Automatic Umbrellas: These types of umbrellas have features that can be opened and closed via a button or a mechanical system. Automatic umbrellas provide quick and easy use.

Golf Umbrellas: These types of umbrellas have larger dimensions and are especially used during the golf game. They are designed to withstand strong winds.

Umbrella Design and Making

Umbrella design involves assembling basic parts such as frame, handle and cover. The frame can be manufactured using a variety of materials, for example wood, metal or fiber materials. The handle can likewise be made of various materials.

The cover must be made of a waterproof material. For this, polyester, nylon or PVC materials are generally preferred. Umbrella covers may also have features that provide protection against UV rays.

Umbrella Usage Areas

Umbrellas are mainly used for protection from rain or sun. They can also be used during outdoor activities. For example, in activities such as picnics, beaches or camping, umbrellas are an ideal option for protection from the sun’s rays or to avoid being under the rain.

Umbrella and Modern Design

Nowadays, the design and structural features of umbrellas have changed. In particular, automatic umbrellas have become more convenient and practical. Various models are also available, such as clear umbrellas or colored patterned umbrellas.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Umbrella

The most important advantage of the umbrella is that it provides protection from weather conditions such as rain or sun. Also, it is easy to use as it is portable and lightweight. However, the disadvantage of umbrellas is that they are quickly damaged in strong winds.

Umbrella Care and Repair

Umbrella care includes simple steps such as cleaning the cover and keeping it dry. In addition, the frames of the umbrellas can be checked from time to time and damaged parts can be repaired. If the cover is torn, special adhesives or repair kits are available for repair.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Umbrellas?

When choosing an umbrella, you should choose a model according to your intended use and preferences. Factors such as cover material, frame material, size, color and design must also be considered.

Umbrella Prices and Buying Tips

Umbrellas prices may vary depending on material quality, size and brand. Generally, conventional umbrellas are more affordable, while automatic umbrellas can be more expensive.