The Ultimate Outdoor Upgrade: How CANOPÉE Elevated a Residence with Style and Function

Embracing the Sun with Elegance

• Client: Zion Sade Residence
• Scope of Work: Installation of PVC Pergola and Sliding Glass System
• Objective: Enhance outdoor usability and aesthetic appeal, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Background & Challenge

The Zion Sade Residence, boasting an indoor swimming pool, struggled to effectively utilize its outdoor area, especially during the intense summer heat. The existing outdoor setup was not only underused but also suffered from an outdated design that did not complement the modern lifestyle of the residents.


Installation of Canopee Classic Pergola

We installed a high-quality PVC pergola, designed to offer ample shade and reduce the impact of the harsh summer sun. This not only made the outdoor area more hospitable but also added a contemporary aesthetic touch to the residence.

Integration of Sliding Glass System

To maintain a connection with the outdoors while indoors, we installed a sliding glass system. This feature allowed residents to enjoy the views and ambiance of the outdoor space from the comfort of the indoor pool area, fostering a harmonious blend of both environments.

Aesthetic Transformation

Minimalist and Modern Design:

The choice of predominantly white materials for both the pergola and the glass system infused the space with a modern, minimalist aesthetic, significantly upgrading the residence’s appearance.

Seamless Integration:

The design ensured that the new installations blended seamlessly with the existing architecture, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the property.

Outcomes & Benefits

Enhanced Usability of Outdoor Space

The pergola’s shade provision allowed residents to comfortably use the outdoor space even during peak sunlight, increasing the area’s utility.

Improved Aesthetic Value

The modern, minimalist design transformed the previously dated area into a visually appealing and contemporary space, enhancing the property’s overall aesthetic and market value.

Lifestyle Enrichment

The integration of the indoor pool area with the outdoor space through the sliding glass system enriched the residents’ lifestyle by offering a more versatile and enjoyable living environment.


The Zion Sade project by CANOPÉE successfully transformed an underutilized outdoor space into a stylish, functional, and comfortable area. This project not only highlights our expertise in enhancing outdoor living spaces but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.